We support the aged to live independently in our local community. SRS is a community-based organisation that provides a range of Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services to support people to be independent and remain at home. SRS supports people aged 65 and over, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over, and their carers.

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Our Vision

To support the aged to live independently in our local community.

Our Values

Our values influence the work that we do, and the way we work with our colleagues, clients and our community.

We value:


We respect each human being in our community. We celebrate diversity, uphold dignity, encourage inclusivity and show compassion.


We work better together. We are supportive of each other, our clients, and their families and carers.

Wellbeing and Safety

We are passionate about the wellbeing and safety of our clients, our work colleagues and our environment.


We strive to excel in all we do and in our relationships: by continuous improvement through learning, skill development, honest open communication and empowerment of others.



Sherwood Respite Service (SRS) is a community-based organisation. We have been supporting people to be socially connected and live independently in our community for 20 years. The concept of SRS originated in 1991 when volunteers delivering Meals on Wheels in our local area observed that many of the people they visited were lonely and isolated due to age and mobility issues. They needed more support than just a hot meal in order to continue enjoying the independence of living in their own home. This small group encouraged people who shared their concerns to form a community-based organisation.

In 1992 these resourceful volunteers applied to the Home and Community Care Program for funding for a Day Centre. This grant application was approved two years later.

On 8 December 1996 the doors of the Centre were first opened for Day Respite and this service has continued to operate ever since from a stately old Queenslander in Thallon Street, Sherwood.

Additional programs have since been funded and added to our services. These include In Home Respite for clients with carers, Allied Health for Podiatry, Domestic Assistance and Silver Linked.

To this day, SRS is committed to supporting the aged to live independently in the local community.



SRS is managed by a dedicated team with a broad mix of skills and experience ranging from social service delivery, business management, human resources, finance, and corporate governance.

President:  Michael Egert
Vice President: Sophie Szylkarski
Treasurer: Stephen Morrow
Secretary: Erich Conradie
Committee Members:
Bill Jeffs,  Laurel Macintosh, Jane Hall, Mary Holland


The Management Committee is responsible for providing:

  • strategic direction
  • corporate governance
  • financial oversight
  • managing the welfare of staff and volunteers, and
  • ensuring high quality care and service standards are met.

The committee aims to:

  • support seniors in wellness, independence and reablement, so they can remain in their own home
  • support family or other primary care givers in their role, and
  • operate the organisation in an effective, efficient and accountable manner.



You will feel right at home at the Sherwood Day Centre. Located in a stately old Queenslander in Thallon Street at Sherwood, our Centre has a homely atmosphere and old-world charm.

The Centre is air conditioned for your comfort, with reverse cycle a/c (heating) during the cooler months. Relax in our lounge room with comfortable armchairs, TV and a piano for sing-a-longs.

The dining room is the perfect place to enjoy your meals with friends. The multi-purpose room has flexible seating. It can be set up café style with a number of small tables or as one long banquet table. Group activities are also held in the dining room.

The verandah is a ideal to join in group activities or relax and enjoy the cottage garden. If you are lucky you might even see our resident cheeky possum pop out of his home to say “hello” to you.

Some group activities like art classes are held in our rotunda where you can enjoy the outdoors and get your creative juices flowing.

Rest assured knowing that we provide a convenient door-to-door bus service for clients who live locally in our community (see "TRANSPORT" for more information). We also have limited off-street parking for our buses and visitor vehicles.

If you have any questions about our facilities, or would like to arrange a tour, please get in touch.