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  • “I attend SRS to get out of the house and to be involved and meet people. The staff have encouraged me to host “Val’s Craft Corner” some Monday’s to teach knitting and crochet to other interested clients. I especially love knitting dolls. I enjoy the music and the outings which are great. I really like all the Respite Care Workers”.... Val Raboczyj, Sherwood Day Centre client

  • “I thank God for Sherwood Respite Service since my partner has been visiting there. For me respite day means that if I need a rest then I can recharge my batteries for an hour without worrying what my partner may require during this time. Medical appointments, shopping, banking, hair cuts etc can all be arranged without worrying what my partner may require - this for me is bliss.” Name withheld, Carer of Sherwood Day Centre client

  • “I attend SRS because I just love everything about SRS. I like the companionship and I think the staff are wonderful. I have met some lovely new friends and I just love the place and the food. Everything at SRS Is excellent.” Maude Raper - Sherwood Day Centre client

  • “I attended SRS originally encouraged by my daughter after my husband passed away. And it proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I enjoy the company of all the staff and they are wonderful and kind. The meals are very good and more than I have at home. I also enjoy the concerts and outings and talking to everyone. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.” Audrey Walsh, Sherwood Day Centre client

  • “For over 4 years my husband Laurie and I have been going to Sherwood Respite and enjoy going very much. The staff and volunteers greet us with bright hello and big smiles, which makes us feel very welcome. We receive morning tea and a good lunch and lots of laughter and talk which does ageing people lots of good. There is a day out on the bus once a month for every day of the week which is most enjoyable and we go to places we could never go to on our own.” Edna Cottle – Sherwood Day Centre client